Friday, January 21, 2011

This has nothing to do with our 307 clothing, or Wyoming for that matter... in fact it takes place thousands of miles away. Sorry about the advertisement before the clip...

Definitely worth the time to watch

I think 307 might need one of these are a publicity vehicle.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Warbird

Many People have asked me about our 307 Warbird design. What is it, Why is it? Well, imagery is an important thing when you design something you want to carry meaning. To me one of the greatest subjects is the wildlife of this Great Nation and the Great State of Wyoming. For example, our Buffalo logo is something that all wyomingites know as more than just a native creature, but as a symbol of the state, as represented on our state flag.

Why an eagle you ask? Our National bird the Bald Eagle is a symbol of Power, Freedom, Intelligence, keen eye site and Superior hunting ability. If you have never seen one, you should make a point before you die to do just that. They are truly impressive birds. Massive in size and power, but so graceful. To my good fortune last week, I got the privilege to watch a full grown Bald Eagle feeding on a deer carcass just thirty or so feet from the road. Definitely a benefit to living in Wyoming.

 Pretty F*%&ing cool if I don't say so myself.

Anyway, back to my point. The Eagle in general is used in symbolism everywhere. Our money is covered in eagles. Its used in military symbolism by us, our allies, and even or enemies. Used literally all across the world in numerous coat of arms, crests, sculpture, and sacred to American Indians.

The sure fact is that just the thought of an eagle, with vast protective wings, powerful beak and talons that defeat any enemy, and deep foreseeing eyes, is an empowering visual. Please ponder this... How is it that such a massive bird can leap to flight so effortlessly, soaring above all other birds, with no limitations to its glory. That is the eagles great meaning. This is what I hope for all of us. This is why I use this image. Whether it be our Nation and its interests, our State and its beauty and opportunities, a company like 307 that seeks to represent them to the highest level, or your own possibilities in life, the eagle stands for these limitless glories with all of its characteristics.

On a side note: Stalick Brothers LLC  the Original 307 Wyoming Gear are proud supports of the US Military and Wyoming National Guard. God Bless our Troops.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Average Fuel Price? 3 Dollars.... and 7 cents.

Happy New Year... yep it's 2011. No more Justin Beiber, Jersey Shore or Lady Gaga this year folks! It's time to start Anew (unfortunately all of the a fore mentioned will be joining us). As I worked this first lovely Wyoming Monday of the 2011, I noticed a couple things happening on the news today. 1. Oprah has a her own TV network (I think I read about this prophosized in Revelations?) 2. Birds are falling from the sky in Arkansas. Which either means something weird happened or somebody gave Michael Vick a toy airplane. The most important event of the day was # 3. ... 

But first let me say something. We live a pretty volatile world. It's important to remember how fortunate we are in America, and especially in Wyoming. I am always thankful for my job, which I might add, includes being the "big jerk" who sets our fuel price at our store.

Anyway #3. The Average Fuel Price in the United States is $3.07 per gallon.
Pretty high isn't it. It's only going to get worse. My advice to the humble consumer is to fill up your tank. Enjoy paying $3.07 (or less) a gallon, because like a few years ago, the sky is the limit on how high it could get. I'm not trying to be the bearer of Doom and Gloom. Just a fair warning to my fellow gasoline engine driving amigos. Besides, it's a pretty cool number

and on a side note... I mentioned setting the fuel prices at our families store. Please remember that I don't control how much I pay for it from our distributor, and I'm paying the same price at the pump, so don't be one of these...

Again,    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!