Monday, May 9, 2011

The Uber Photo Collection... CCCVII (307)

Our Supporters are a big part of what makes our brand unique... because are supporters, our customers, are the brand. We are all 307. You know all that nicey nice stuff I usually write about 307 that makes you feel all warm and fuzzed!
But I don't need to repeat myself, I've said it all before... and I hardly have time to think up a clever phrase, with all the designing, and page building, and real live work. Who needs words when you have pictures....

So here you go...

307, people, things, and random photos...

First thing to start... the Tom Manning Built/Owned 307 Mod 4

Let's Call this Volume 1...

More to come.

Thanks you everyone that has supported 307. Please continue to be awesome... and don't forget
to take PICTURES!!!

Le End


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