Monday, February 14, 2011


I have noticed something lately I wanted to share. People are really proud of where they are from and aren't afraid to say it. When I was on a resent trip to sunny polluted Southern California, I found it easy to tell someone when they asked where I was from, "I'm from Wyoming" usually followed by "the 307". For most of us Wyomingites, that not a hard thing to do. It's easy to be proud of our State. Its beautiful, calm, and all the other stuff. But, in the past few months I have heard people saying something that is music to my ears. "I'm from 307". I know its been said before in that context, and we weren't the first to want to promote our home state with it, but it seemed to carry a stigma before (possibly from gang stereo typed usage of area codes, or certain peoples paranoia)  I don't dare say that we are to blame for this increase in people using the term "307" in place of Wyoming, but its a perfect example of why our company makes what we make. We are 307, You are 307, your Mom is 307, your grandparents, your dog, your house, your hairpiece, all if it inside or from this State, we are all part of one big old happy family. 

We are 307. 

(go ahead... say it, rolls right off the tongue huh?)

Be proud of where your from, and if you still live here, realize how blessed we all are to do just that.
photo courtesy of Ivan&MorganStalick
Next time your asked, "where are you from?"

proudly say, "The 307" and when asked, whats that, "the Great State of Wyoming." booya

I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines day, I personally am not a fan (I'm the Valentines Scrooge), but its a good excuse to be extra nice to the ones you love... and all that other stuff ;)



  1. Born and raised in the..(wait for it)..307.

  2. I wake up everyday, with a smile on my face, just to be in the 307. That was not the case when I lived in Denver (for a short while).