Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grand National Roadster Show 2011... 307 in attendance

Just got back from the GNRS 2011 in Sunny Southern California, and my first thoughts are... Thank God I Live in Wyoming. Even being almost stuck in Denver (and by almost, I mean, we were really close to staying the night) and the ridiculously cold weather that we came home to. We went from 70+ degrees to -20 degrees. Yeah, that part sucks, but California in general is just not for me. ON the other hand, the GNRS was for me. It was truly an amazing event with great people and GREAT cars. 307 was heavily represented by Moonshiners Car Club members being that at one of us wore an article of clothing that we produced almost everyday. 

Once we made the long layer riddled trip to our hotel the wildest thing happened. Without setting it up this way our room number was 307.

That was an awesome coincidence. We meet a really cool couple from Canada that had given us a ride from the airport to the hotel in the rental car, and they weren't even staying at the same hotel. Also meet a couple from Montana that gave us a ride to the Fairplex (were the show was held). It was amazing how many really nice people we meet that were willing to take time out of there trip to help us out. Car people are really great.

Speaking of car people, there were thousands of them at this years GNRS. It was a massive fair grounds filled to the brim with an extremely high level of cars. One of the most amazing sections was Building number 9 which houses the "History of the Custom Event". over 75 of the greatest custom cars from the 40's to today, Beautifully restored, or traditional styled, or as they were from the day they were build made this building very special in many regards. I was honored to have seen it, because the level and fame of these cars, and so many in one place, might never happen again. 

9 Buildings all full of different styles and types of vehicles, all at a level of quality that you rarely see outside of California (unfortunately). 

Heres some photos

This shot was the front door of the near by Wally Parks NHRA Museum

307 Hat and shirt, representing in Cali


Hey That's my name!

This car drove all the way from Florida, but left with something like 8 trophies

Possibly one of the coolest things that happen during this trip (and there were lots of really cool things) was the fact that a local Sheridan son now living in Denver running a company called Speed Metal and our own Steve "Shooter" Benth (Pinstriper and personal mentor & Friend) had a Bike in the show. Let me just clarify that statement. Shooter Painted one of the coolest bikes I have ever seen. That bike was built by Dave Barker (Speed Metal) and built to the 9's. 

This bike looked to be leaving quite an impression. Hell, just the fifteen minutes or so I hovered around it, people made a point to stop, passing up others. Since I have been home I have been trying to catch up on email, computer stuff, and the like, during which I have seen several didn't posts on this bike specifically. Congratulations to Dave and the Boys from Speed Metal, and to Shooter for getting recognition for your talent. 

 I hadn't talked to Shooter before I left Sheridan, so other then knowing that Dave had a bike at the show, I had no idea Shooter was there. It was really cool to meet up with and we even got to walk around Building 9 together. After all the years of him and I talking about different historic customs, to be standing there with him as he saw them for the first time in person was beyond swell.

My Friend Nate Barney and I on Sunday, stuck around long enough to catch some of the Historic customs leaving. 
I got some farely rough video, but boy 'o boy is it cool to see these autos drive. I will leave you with the footage. Thats all I have the energy for tonight.


  1. Nice Blog Stutz... Wish I was in on them videos.
    Barney... your hilarious!!!

  2. Looks interesting, ill be sure to check it out. Cheltenham tips