Monday, October 4, 2010

Come One... Come all... Welcome to The 307 Chronicles

Hey Hey Everybody, Stutz here, 

     I created this blog with a purpose.
That purpose is people. I wanted this to be a entertaining and ever updating Chronicle of the people of 307. The Stalick Brothers L.L.C. (the boys beyond 307 apparel) love to see the lives that the people who buy our product are living. Whether its our 307 Snow Moto Racing Division guys and girls tearing *^&t up on the snowy peaks of Wyo, or the MoonShiners Car Club and their Hot Rod shenanigans. Be in the stories of the hard days on the Oil & Gas fields, or just the average joe's wild hunting adventure, this blog will attempt to show the highlights of what are beloved customers are up to. As we continue to push forward on our retail website, don't forget to check out of Facebook Page here  or follow me on Twitter HERE. If you have anything you feel you want me to post on the 307 Chronicles send me email or hit one of the admins up. 

Stay tuned!



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