Saturday, October 30, 2010

307 Online Costume Contest! Neato!

Halloween may not be my favorite event of the year, But to many creative types, it's just tops! So I figure you should be rewarded for your hard work and time tranforming yourself to go halloweening around.

heres the details.

Send me a photo of you in your costume...
to with the words
"I like winning stuff" in the subject line

The top 10 will be posted in the 307 Chronicles and the top 3 will win a nifty prize!

You can also tag 307 in your photo on facebook to enter, but I will still need an email with a name and address in case you win.

Heres an example...
Name: Stalick Brothers
Costume(s): Hillbilly;Beer;Boondock Saint
             307 N. South West St.
            Awesomeworld, Wy XXXXX

Addition comments: Man like halloween is totally like the coolest and junk!

Simple... Simple. If you dont send your photo, you won't win...

and look here for a special halloween message!

winners will be announced Monday November 1st.

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