Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh its better in color...

Haven't had a ton of time in the last few days to put together some interesting blog. Call it laziness or whatever, but I did find a hold Shizit load of interesting Color photos in my personal Library. Everything is better in color.

307 Warbird Sticker in corner of the window

307 Sponsored rider Jordan Zink 
completing on his 307 wrapped skidoo

307 invaded SD... I was wearing an all Black 307 BuffPuff Hat.

Brown and Gold 307 Buffalo Sticker on headstock

Pin Up Model Adriannea repin' the old school 
women's black buff... nice contrast with the red hair.
Follow her on Twitter @ADRIANNEA

307 in Red, White, & Blue... and black. Sweet.

Speaking of colors...Purple and Green, my personal Favorites
Viva Las Vegas 2008

If Im 6'4'' that makes these to car...uh...f*&%in low
Old School Black and White 307 hat.

First Series Black and White Outlaws Shirt... 
It was my case you couldnt tell.

Colors are always fun. At least when 307 is involved...

here is an example where color is not fun...
See here is bad color... 
Wrong number and everything.
Poor bastard.



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