Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the winners are...

 The Submissions for the 307 Halloween Costume Contest are in!

Well ..... I'm disappointed in the level of participation that we got for the 307 Halloween costume contest. I mean come on, we are giving away stuff. FREE! but, too late. Next time... please join the fun.

Thanks to the people that submitted a photo for the contest. your all winners... seriously.

The first submission is the winner of the cuteness award...

Finn Stalick as Sock Monkey.

Third place goes to April Gibson, as a dangerously sexy member of the U.S. Navy

Second Place goes to Brad & Wanda as Germans... the good kind. Not those angry Nazi sort.

First place...

and the winner is

(young children and puppies, please look away now)

Cameron Larsen and Chris Amicucci

as the characters from the hilarious Saturday Night Live music video "dick in a box".

Prizes are as follows

Third Place: 307 Buffalo or small 307 # stickers

Second Place: either of previous or Powering the Nation, or Winger 307, or Large 307 # sticker.

First Place: any single 307 T-shirt!

Thanks again to the peps that send me a picture. If you would still like to share the photo I will add it here so you can be famous like these fine folks.

and Awesome Place goes to me for this picture!


Remember if your in the Sheridan/Big Horn Area come out to the Big Horn Y  and check out the new Hunt 307 line and the 307 Hoodies!

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  1. I would like to purchase some of the 307 merchandise! Especially the powering the nation stickers and whatever else may be available! Douglas, WY resident here and I have no problem with heading North to acquire said items, but was hoping for a shortcut!