Saturday, October 30, 2010

307 Online Costume Contest! Neato!

Halloween may not be my favorite event of the year, But to many creative types, it's just tops! So I figure you should be rewarded for your hard work and time tranforming yourself to go halloweening around.

heres the details.

Send me a photo of you in your costume...
to with the words
"I like winning stuff" in the subject line

The top 10 will be posted in the 307 Chronicles and the top 3 will win a nifty prize!

You can also tag 307 in your photo on facebook to enter, but I will still need an email with a name and address in case you win.

Heres an example...
Name: Stalick Brothers
Costume(s): Hillbilly;Beer;Boondock Saint
             307 N. South West St.
            Awesomeworld, Wy XXXXX

Addition comments: Man like halloween is totally like the coolest and junk!

Simple... Simple. If you dont send your photo, you won't win...

and look here for a special halloween message!

winners will be announced Monday November 1st.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Coincidence? the 307 is everywhere. Happy Halloween!

Its Halloween weekend!

Anyone want to play a game... like sesame street... what do these mugshots of famous people have in common...


Pretty cool regardless.

"307" in all of their booking numbers.
Apparently 307 follows greatness... even when greatness is having a bad day.


 These Dudes will NOT cut you any slack...

even if your famous....


or fight people.

or steal shit.

and watch for little kids.


(haha, got ya! creative editing was used in the making of this post)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

WTF!!! Shout out to who ever wrote this song!

Its way corny, too folksy, and extremely lame, But shout out to the number 307.

Fortunate People live in 307

I realize that there are other states that are beautiful and have fancy monuments, parks, ect. But the thing that makes wyoming different is the combination of all the benefits out weighing the negatives. Not having to fight traffic is always a plus.

I liked this state tourism video. The building were the little kid see's his reflection is the Sheridan Inn. and the other building are on Main St. downtown Sheridan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Just another week in the works. Hope its going swimmingly for everyone, in the mean time theres always this.....

Don't forget... if you have anything you would like me to highlight on the 307 Chronicles... dont hesitate to email me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Good' old fashioned hard work

I friend of mine and a member of the MoonShiners Car Club with me and has been working his ass off on his new project. A wild and interesting hot rod truck...

The truck he started with is a 1935 international. Built mainly as heavy duty farm vehicles, international trucks seemed to survive in greater numbers then their Ford and Chevy counterparts. Notoriety may have something to do with it, but no can deny that stock or custom, they cool trucks.

This is what the truck would have looked like rolling out of a dealership.
Heres the truck he started with. I had to hijack this photo from his Facebook page.

Travis Good a.k.a. "Goodlum", the man behind the truck in the works, is a talented dude. He had a vision for what he wanted, and its coming along nicely. Bare in mind he is in the middle of a mock up before he paints the frame. I will be sure to update when he has it completed.
 Travis did full air bag suspension, 
allowing him to drop this truck all the way down (literally) to the ground

1963 390c.i. Cadillac V8 will move this little truck down the road.
factory 325 horsepower
I'll bet that its going to do some serious burn outs.

Travis is going to keep the full fendered look,
as well as the hood and grill, giving the truck a low sleek look.
Large whitewall tires on steely wheels will keep with that vibe.
too me the truck screams, "you don't want to run into me in a dark alley"

 the chop he did is perfect!

The Goodlum himself. Like the title of this post, he is a hard working dude,
remember than he is doing all this himself. like a real American. 

and of course... he's rocking 307 Warbird sticker on his welding helmet.

Like I said, this is going to be one bad MoF'er when its done and Ill be sure to blog about it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Shop Shirt Mania!!! New Designs! Explosions! Dinosaurs!

Ok I lied about the explosions and Dinosaurs... but never the less, we did shoot the newest of the 307 line of shirts. This includes a couple of SnowMoto long sleeves and the the Powering The Nation brown & gold as well as PTN pocket T's...


Pocket T's... Ideal for the man (or women) with function on there mind

 SnowMoto... boom!
 Available in White and Blue
And long sleeve in white ink... and red

And the Color of Snow!

Once again... the Ghetto Photo Studio
Thanks to my buddy Luke for donating time to the cause
... let us know a if youwant one,
and you can feel like a cool kid that was there.

Well... there you have it. stay tuned for the Hunting Line as well as the Hoodies just in time for Winter! (damn it, I just realized it is almost winter)

Now go away cause I tired...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh its better in color...

Haven't had a ton of time in the last few days to put together some interesting blog. Call it laziness or whatever, but I did find a hold Shizit load of interesting Color photos in my personal Library. Everything is better in color.

307 Warbird Sticker in corner of the window

307 Sponsored rider Jordan Zink 
completing on his 307 wrapped skidoo

307 invaded SD... I was wearing an all Black 307 BuffPuff Hat.

Brown and Gold 307 Buffalo Sticker on headstock

Pin Up Model Adriannea repin' the old school 
women's black buff... nice contrast with the red hair.
Follow her on Twitter @ADRIANNEA

307 in Red, White, & Blue... and black. Sweet.

Speaking of colors...Purple and Green, my personal Favorites
Viva Las Vegas 2008

If Im 6'4'' that makes these to car...uh...f*&%in low
Old School Black and White 307 hat.

First Series Black and White Outlaws Shirt... 
It was my case you couldnt tell.

Colors are always fun. At least when 307 is involved...

here is an example where color is not fun...
See here is bad color... 
Wrong number and everything.
Poor bastard.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Old Fashion Subliminal Messages

Nothing in this world works better than product placement and subliminal messages. For example, thousands of dollars are spent every year by companies to have there product used in movies and TV shows, even just sitting in the back ground. I decided I need to give a shout out the Aussie Shampoo for this sweet will subliminal shot. 
Purple Kangaroo... I Thank you.
Have a good weekend every body.

Shooting some Shirts in the Shop

Thank God its Friday... 

anyway, had to get some more photos of the current shirts, with the intention of getting the website moving forward, so I called some friends to help, and made a make shift "foto studio" in my shop
Pretty Ghetto
  Heres my lighting director
Goodlum was supervising
don't forget the ladies

I was deep in thought and my famous frown came out.
Thanks to Goodlum, Luke, and Kei$ha (sp) haha