Monday, December 27, 2010

"Dreamville" with Stutz

           Dreams have a way of inspiring me. Of course you hear everyone say that, "follow your dreams", and  "Chase your goals... yada yada". The fact is, does anyone really go after their dreams like they say they should. In 4 short days I will be a quarter Century old, with that in mind, all I can say is that I don't know shit from Shinola (in case you don't know 'Shinola' is shoe polish). I do know this... dreams are more than just night time mental movie reels. Dreams aren't just random anything flowing together with no rhyme or reason. Dreams are specific insights into how you want things to be. Well... some aren't, but we all know which those are.

          I will spare you the scientific dream analysis garbage and get to the point. I dream some big things. But more specifically, I see details of what I want to happen when I am awake. little details.... like what bolt should go where on a car fender. It seems that my mind is more organized and focused when sleeping, then I could ever be awake. 
          I know what your thinking. Isn't everybody's? Well, probably. I know I am not extraordinary in the grand scheme of things. However the difference is that I seem to tap into a cosmic link in my dreams that allows me to connect between what I need or don't have on a very specific scale. When I draw or paint, I get myself prepared, mentally. I tune in to what I am working on (sounds kinda groovy). If I can't get in that mind set... well I can't create shit. Its like the switch doesn't turn on. The interesting thing is that my dreams... especially as of late... the dreams have been supplying me with "switches". Little glimpses I have in a dream, I seem to be able to use later to turn on my creative brain. Pretty cool huh. Yeah thats what I thought too. 

          It wasn't always like that. When I was younger, I was either motivated or not. Plain and simple. Fortunately at that point my creative brain was running the show, so stuff poured out like a swarm of bees from a shaken hive. 

          Like everything in life, a person has to hone their skills. Pro athletes workout, Fisherman fish, Ninja's chop up things. I have been trying my ass off to actually use this awareness of my dreams. Kind of like finding out you can yodel, you want to see how good you can be at it. Boy if only I could yodel! When it comes to reality, I need to do certain things. One is to design logos for the 307 clothing. I recently had a dream in which an image appeared in a fragment. Just the lower portion was visible to me.  Fortunately, the mysterious portion I saw works perfectly for a previous design I had worked on. Pretty cool indeed!

        Ask yourself as you read this... Are you taking advantage of the little things that seem to present themselves right in front of you? Or are you just rolling through the daily motions without improvement? I was. Just ask my brothers, they will agree. 
         Never the less, my point is that its easier now as I get older, to see ways to improve the things I do, by using my super special dream power (haha). So take a minute and look at what's in you're dreams. Really think about them as if there is something hidden in the jumble. If there is something that you are aspiring towards... do it. If you are dealing with a situation that needs attention...handle it. If you're like me and you use it to harness your creative endeavors, or organize your actions... well you get the picture. Its a new year approaching and I know that, its only going to be as good as you make it. so... without sounding to cheesy... sweet dreams and get off your ass and follow them.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Flu...

The Flu....

isn't cool.

I've been out sick lately. Which is a rarity for me, so its got me all screwed up with all the daily activities. 

So... please, for the love of GOD! Wash your F$*&ing hands and be aware of spreading germs. 


Friday, December 17, 2010

...and the Winners Are!

After extending the Deadline for the SNOWDAYS GIVEAWAY GAME... the participants are entered.... the votes... tallied .... the chickens plucked.... Cheese Sandwiches... eaten...

We HAVE A WINNER! or two

First of all, I want to thank everyone that took the time to enter. The Stalick Brother LLC is proud to have such great customers with such wide (not to mention Awesome) interests.

so... here's your Winners!

Snow is cold... Fire is not
First Place: 
Cory Reeves and his Skidoo XP 800 that I am lovely naming "Fire & Ice"

Congrats on winning Cory... sorry about the sled though :s
Look the bright side, you just won a 307 SnowMoto Hoodie!

Second Place:
William Schott with this Little Red Monster Tracked thingy!
Taking the whole "Winter Vehicle" to a new extreme.

You win a LS 307 SnowMoto T-Shirt (LS means Long Sleeve ;) )

Third Place: 
Jeff Bugher is another winner with this sweet little race sled

 Winner winner chicken dinner... a LS 307 SnowMoto Shirt

....and its not over yet. We liked this entry so much that we made a "Fourth" Place:
Derek Smith getting sideways in a BAJA 1000 racing vehicle

That may not be snow... but thats still kickin' ass.
(check out the dudes in the back ground on quads, they seem to like it)

Your the proud new winner of a 307 SnowMoto Tshirt


But for entering, (which I greatly appreciate) I feel I should share the rest of the participants

Like this one from J.R. Larsen who found a deep whole in some deep Snow! hope you made it out of there

We also had some 307 SnowMoto Racing Division entries
Jason Reeves Sled wrapped in 307 goodness!
You'll notice in the photo above his sled is quoting our "307 Powering the Nation" line, by telling the rest of the world how they should feel about Wyoming. 

Shout out to my good friend Tommy in Gillette for his entry. If you need some signage made, hit up Manning Signs...

Even one of the members of the infamous Moonshiners C.C. (of which I happen to be the President) thought it was nessacary to enter. You're the man Bali Holly, haha

Thanks again to the participants for their entries, and keep a look out for 307 clothing to be doing more games, and giveaways... who knows, you could win like these here fell'rs!

Adios (that's spanish)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


ATTENTION 307 Customers and Avid SnowMobilers...


With the winter weather showing its ugly face, it is time for you to shine. 

Heres how the game works...

Send me a Picture of your tricked out Snowmobile or "winter specific motorized vehicle" to

Title the email: SNOW DAYS GIVEAWAY
Include your: NAME, ADDRESS, Favorite Color (between white/red/blue), & shirt size.

Once you have done this, our panel of EXPERT judges will deliberate on the contestants entries and award the WINNER with an exclusive 307 SNOWMOTO item. possibly like this one...


The WINNER will be announced the 10th. (we are gunna make you famous)

Tell EVERYONE you can to enter. the more entries we get the more prizes we might award. #  of awards directly  reflected by # entries (1 to 10)

 Now that we have this all figured out, enjoy this picture. 

If this guy was any cooler he would be a robot