Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Great 307 T-Shirt Auction / End of the World Sale!

Hey! Isn't the world going to end 12-21-12. Oh No! Thats two days away! 
Let's do something special...

But First, a little history lesson:

Starting in the mid 1950's, the youth culture was desperate to express their creative side. During that time most clothing was very bland. Spurred by rebellion of the dreaded Status Quo, a wave of counter culture art was pouring out on the simplest canvas, the basic white shirt. 

Hand in hand with the Hot Rod boom, Pinstriping, and Custom automobile painting, the first airbrush art began appearing on sweaters and T's. Often the images were wild and outrageous. At the time it seems the scarier the subject the better! At it's beginning, basic felt markers outlined the image which was over laid with bright neon colors. As the trend spread the art became higher quality, using airbrushes and detailed colors. Names like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Stanley "Mouse", and Dean Jeffries were at the helm of the Weirdo T-Shirt Craze. 

In honor of what I consider one of the most interesting styles of art ever to exist (EVER), 307 has attempted to capture their spirit with 5 unique genuine 307 "Weirdo" T-Shirts. 

An artist collaboration between myself (Stutz) and infamous local painter Rusty, we created all five with the intention of giving our loyal customers the opportunity to have a truly unique 307 item!

Varying in size, each is 100% hand drawn and designed, and 100% hand airbrushed on white 307 "Patriot Shield" Logo T-Shirts.

Rusty is a talented S.O.B. He took the odd images that I laid out and made masterpieces!

Here there are, the first I call "little painter" SIZE LARGE

Next is the "little green troll" (I know, real original) SIZE XL

Followed by the infamous "Moon Man" driving the shiz out of a little purple Hot Rod


The cowboy of your dreams ladies "Merle" SIZE 2XL

and to top it off, the mightiest bison to even roam the plains "the Duke"

So, now they you have been introduced, I'll go over the rules.

Starting Thursday 12-20-12 at 1 p.m. each shirt will be posted separately on the 307 Facebook Page (click right here to go there from here >>>>   307 FACEBOOK )

Each Shirt will have a starting bid of $25, to bid just post your bid amount and hope that nobody else wants it! The auctions will end Friday 12-21-12 at 6p.m. to who ever has the highest bid posted. After you win I will private message you for payment/shipping details.

Again, These are one of a kind, never to be recreated, hand crafted, 307 awesomeness!

Now, if your in Sheridan THURSDAY 12-20 1pm to 6pm and FRIDAY 12-21 1pm to 6pm you can come see them in person, because the 307 Store will be open. Location 7090 Coffeen Ave. In Sheridan.

Rusty approves
If your interested in having the man make you a vintage style monster T-shirt you can contact him at his facebook page here >>> Click Me, Don't be lame

With any Luck friday will be just another great day in the 307, and we can all thumb our noses at those silly Mayans.