Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Social Club is Moving...

The Friends and Customers of 307 Clothing have been wondering what the !halibut! happened to the retail store called 
Located between Sheridan and Big Horn, it was the place where you could buy
all their 307 products in person!
It was a lovely place of magic and wonderment!

We had a change in direction and moved the shop.

Rest Assured... It shall Return better than ever. 

In the mean time, you can still get your 307 Hats, Shirts, Hoodies, Beanies, Wallets (Coming back SOON!!!), Belt Buckles, 307 Decals, Event Schedules, New PHOTO GALLERY, and other goodies at
We will be traveling around Wyoming, hitting some Events this fall. Look for us in a town near you!
If you have an event you would like us to attend Email 307@wyoming.com

We thank you for your continued patronage!
You peoples are the bestest
Look for new styles added regularly
GOD BLESS 307 & the People that call it Home!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

307 Radio From The 307 Social Club!

In the Wild West of Northern Wyoming, the Land of Absaroka... a lonely white building stands. Inside, the mad minds behind 307 Clothing have launched a new project to enlighten the lost and embolden the isolated warriors. The ivory building was given a name, The 307 Social Club. There you can find the garments of Kings and Queens, the 307 line of apparel. Every Thursday and Friday, the doors are unlocked allowing the masses to venture thru the concrete jungle of Sheridan, into the southward fields of the county, and trade the currency of the land, for the armor of Wyoming life. But, the keepers of the 307 Social Club have heard the cacophony of the people and their boredom with daily grind. Thus they unleashed a solution... 

alright... alright. enough. That fancy talk ain't fooling anybody. What REALLY is going on is that Thursday and Friday 1pm to 6pm the retail shop is open, for all your 307 needs! 7090 Coffeen Ave. in Sheridan (well South of town at the very last address on Coffeen Ave.) Right next to the Big Horn Y. 

A whole bunch more inventory is coming in late march, just in time for the Jackson Hole World ChampionSHIP Snowmobile Hill Climbs.

And to end the suspense, we started a PODCAST! Strictly for all things 307!  I hope that my bouncy ball mind can provide the listener with humor, intelligent conversation, and juvenile UNCENSORED banter! We will interview as many fascinating guests as I can possibly find, all from around this Area. 

AND 307 Radio is available for download on iTunes!

We will hopefully maintain a weekly podcast, and updates for all the events that 307 will be involved with, as well as new products... and the official LAUNCH of the 307 Website www.307wyo.com 

We got all kinds of exciting shit coming so spread the word and get with program G!

Later Gator,

Dr. Colonel H. S. F. 7. Stutz Von Stutzy the 3rd

Friday, February 8, 2013

News and Things!!!!!!!!!!!!

We here at the 307 World Headquarters are diligently trying to figure out the greatest ways to supply our customers with high quality 307 products. I'm pleased as punch to announce that we have constructed a top secret retail location completely run by the masterminds of 307 clothing. Lovely named "the 307 Social Club" and located at 7090 Coffeen Ave in the Sheridan, Wyoming area (remember its a top secret ((see top secret map below (((Don't tell it's TOP SECRET))) for directions)) for privileged eyes only!). Also the roadway of progress is being paved by blood, sweat, and hard work. The website is built (awaiting clearance from NASA to be lauched) and soon will be providing you with another outlet for your overwhelming 307 clothing addiction. In the mean time be sure to eat your vegetables, attend the Reverend Horton Heat show in Sheridan Feb. 23 (for tickets see www.ballsarollin.com), and enjoy these interesting pictures of super cool neato things!

Barris Kustom City Photo via Piero De Luca

Check out the New 307 Radio Podcast! Click here