Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Drive in the 307

One of the greatest things about Wyoming is the traffic. At one point in my short life I lived in the City of Denver. Without getting into my list of dislikes about "D-town" the main thing that made me question my residence there was how horrible it is to drive around. I love driving around... pretty common trait of a car guy. In Wyoming, its easy to forget how fortunate we are to have the wide open spaces and scenic roadways. Days like yesterday remind me of this.

Going on a drive Its a relaxing thing for me, a sort of meditation. When all the stress of life gets too heavy to bear, a little cruise seems to clear the mind and re energize the soul.

Yesterday was no exception. I can feel the change in weather coming in my bones. My mind told me, "take this opportunity, because it might be the last". So with my best friend "Duese" the black lab, I hopped in Anabelle at about 5 p.m. and went for a little drive.

Heres "Anabelle" at a show in Cheyenne.

My trusty side kick Duesenberg a.k.a. "Duese"

I had spent the about an hour before the drive finishing up photographing the Women's hoodies. I shot the Men's the night before with a good friend of mine.

I needed the drive.

It hard to explain how it feels. Sorta like time traveling

This video was from earlier this year, but it kinda gives you the idea.

After I got back from the drive feeling refreshed and all around happier, I pulled my old car into the shop, unloaded Duese and went about locking the place up.

I opened the front door and Duese (having done this before) took off after a doe deer. For a littler Lab, he's pretty quick, but he always gives up after about forty feet. Me thinking nothing of it I turned around to lock the door and heard a strange noise. A mix between a growl and a whine. I spun around to find Duese hackled up and half cowering ten feet from a Whitetail Buck standing on its hind legs. Naturally I yelled and my little puppy tucked tail and ran behind me. I stepped forward to run the buck off... and then He stepped forward. After a stare down reminiscent of gunfighters in an old west movie, the buck turned and hopped away. I'm not sure who was more freaked out, me or Duese (I have never seen one be so aggressive). Needless to say Duese learned a valuable lesson. Don't Mess with animals that are bigger then you (especially during mating season). I learned that its important to relax from time to time and enjoy the things that make you happy. so all in all, thank god for old cars, loyal dogs, and this wonderful place we call the 307.

(side note: I'm fighting a cold so I hope this makes sense, ;) )

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  1. It gets pretty hardcore up at the shop! and that video is sweeeet.