Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take a Vantastic Voyage!

Ode to the Econoline

The 1960's was a turning point in the auto industry. The era of Chrome and Fins had come and gone, sending us into the time of function over form. Enter Stage right: The Ford Econoline. Understated and strange, the Econoline has stood the test of time with its boxy yet Utilitarian design. Commonly used for work vehicles the full body Econolines could easily be used as mobile Billboard, it took years for me to even start to like them. As I grow older and I see the numbers of 50's and 60's cars shrinking in population, the Econolines of the 60's seem to be having a sort of renaissance. Love them or Hate them... they sure are different and can often be considered "cool".

Enjoy The Econoline's of the custom variety

Vans are cool. I like the truck version the best.


Stutz out.

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