Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015, the year of the Wyoming Buffalo

It's 2015 and it is time to dust off the 'ol 307 Chronicles. 

It has been a hectic few years for us. We moved our shop 2013 and spent all of 2014 making it the best little place to shop in all of 307. 

Here's the new location... in case you were wondering.

If your in the neighborhood, come check out the shop. Its a retail store, yes, but it is also like a mini museum of Wyoming items and oddities. 

Lots of new 307 items on the horizon, including updates of some of your favorite 307 logos. A new "Powering the Nation", Warbird, The Dead Business Limited Edition T's and much much more. Check out the Website (if you haven't already) at www.307wyo.com

We also have a couple fun projects to spice up the world of 307. One is top secret, limited edition, and made from genuine 307 coozies! Look for those March 2015. Trust us, this item is beyond swell!

More new hat styles, more new everything!

GOD Speed My Friends! 

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